McKim Mansion's Hook & Hastings moved!!

The McKim Mansion on 18th street has been purchased by investors who will be refurbishing it into upscale condos. Forturnately, one of the investors, Jim Edmonds, is the owner of Foxes Music in Falls Church, VA and realized that the historically valuable Hook & Hastings organ there should find a new home rather than just be junked. He worked with Andrew Price to find contacts for interested parties and it looks like the efforts have not been in vain. It looks like the organ has found a suitable new home! After restoration work by David Storey, this grand instrument will the grace the Universalist Church at 16th & S, NW!! Congratulations to all who helped preserve this wonderful part of DC history and especially, much gratitude is due to Jim Edmonds who recognized the beauty of this treasure!

To go to the Universalist Church's home page and read more about how excited they are to aquire the McKim Hook & Hastings, click here or visit their home page by clicking here.

For a look at the organ specifications, click here.

Last photo of the organ façade in its original home before dismantling begins.
Virtually every pipe in the façade is speaking. They are from the Great 16' and 8' Diapasons
and have anywhere from 2' to 8' of false length.

A couple of pictures from the open house on January 18, 2004

Photos of the organ being dismantled on following pages

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